Founder Message

Gerard Langlet

"Its All about commitment to provide the best welding services and improve competitiveness"


We deliver innovative technical solution, helping clients to boost speed, efficiency, productivity,accuracy and quality
We offer Solutions to manage challenges in welding world through our experienced management team. We have in-depth knowledge of Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual welding systems, utilizing all processes omcluding PGMAW - STT - GTAW - GSFCAW on all material grades including Carbon Steel to X120, Stainless Steel, Inconel Clad, Duplex, Super Duplex Titanium, Aluminium and 13% Chrome


To be Asia's top welding service provider with consistent Quality and innovative solution business partner


Improving and exploring new technology with optimum produtivity without compromising quality, safety, environment, and ensuring customer's satisfaction

Our Strength

Strategic Location

Kepri, (Riau-Archipelago) geographically a strategic location in South East Asia with rapid industrial growth, especially for O&G and Shipyard. This has generated interest and business for the industry